• Animal Backpack

    Animal backpacks are needed for pediatric patients that require long-term epilepsy monitoring. These children have to be on camera and EEG (electroencephalogram) anywhere from 24 to 96 hours. The backpack is a fun way for the children to hold the necessary monitoring device.
  • Children's DVDs

    Children's DVDs are useful for children to pass the time while undergoing testing or therapy in Children's Hospital.
    Please note: Children's Hospital will not purchase any movies with an R rating.
  • Framed Artwork/Posters

    Framed artwork/posters are needed to soften up testing rooms in the neurodiagnostics area of the hospital. Child-friendly artwork can have a soothing effect on patients and their families.
  • Lullaby CDs

    Playing a lullaby CD or heartbeat background sounds provides relaxation for both the patients and their parents in neurodiagnostics.
  • Mozart Magic Cube

    The Mozart Magic Cube is a music toy that inspires creativity and interactive play while having fun with music! Mozart Magic Cube teaches how sounds combine to form musical masterpieces. Our young patients can add and subtract instruments. Lights flash to the tempo of the instruments to keep children engaged.
  • Vein Viewing Machine

    A Vein Viewing machine will help our clinical staff to more easily find children's veins, which means less needle sticks and less pain and discomfort for our youngest patients. The new model requested by our care staff is more portable, so it can be brought right to the patient!

    You can help us in our quest to keep our patients as pain free as possible by buying a share in a Vein Viewing machine.