5 to 6 Years

  • Balls for Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics

    Your purchase here provides 144 balls for Developmental-Behavioral Pediatric patients as a prize after their procedure. A simple prize like this can leave a big impact on a child.
  • Balls for Pediatric Neurology

    Your purchase here provides 144 balls for Pediatric Neurology patients as a prize after their procedure. A simple prize like this can leave a big impact on a child.
  • Banners

    These items will be used in pediatric waiting areas and rooms for lab and radiology to promote a child-friendly environment. Your donation here supports patients in Children's Hospital Outpatient Centers.
  • Barbie Dolls & Accesories for Pediatric Specialties of the Upstate-Anderson

    BarbieŽ dolls are sometimes given to children in Pediatric Specialties in Anderson undergoing a difficult procedure. Your gift here will purchase a doll and/or doll accessories, which encourages play and can help ease anxieties of children when receiving treatment.
  • Basketball Hoop

    Any basketball hoop provides entertainment for kids, but you know what's so helpful about this one? It lets kids who are recovering from surgery shoot hoops from their beds. Thank you for making that play time possible!
  • Bead Sequencing Sets

    Your purchase provides bead sequencing sets for children in the Wonder Center. These sets help with fine motor skill development, eye coordination skills, sequencing, shapes, and colors.
  • Beads of Courage

    Beads of Courage is a symbol of a patients journey through the use of beads; your purchase here helps to buy a year's supply of beads. Specific beads represent experiences within their health care journey, which helps to validate their treatments and experiences. Their beads become a living scrapbook for all they have been through, endured, and cope with. The program is evidence-based and results show that patients coping rates have increased with the implementation of the bead program and with validation of their experiences. Your gift here will help secure a two-year supply of Beads of Courage.
  • Bean Bags

    These bean bag chairs are a fun addition to the New Impact environment. They're the best seat in the house to relax while reading and learning!
  • Beanie Babies

    Beanie Babies are used for sibling support bags to hep them cope with having a baby brother or sister in the NICU.
  • Benches

    Therapists use benches in many aspects of physical, occupational, and speech therapy, particularly when they need a stable surface to achieve maximum arm and hand movements for play, learning, and daily living activities.
    This bench is ideal for children learning to move from one level to another, such as moving from the floor to sitting, from sitting to standing, or from a seated position to their walker.
  • Bereavement Bag

    Children's Hospital does everything possible to help sick or injured children, but sometimes even the best medical care isn't enough. This bag is for the families who have lost a child at the hospital. It contains items that create lasting mementos of a child's life and aids grieving families.
  • Bike Helmet

    Wearing a properly fitted helmet when riding a bike can help reduce injuries in children involved in bike accidents. Many families purchase bikes, but neglect to purchase helmets. Many schools are requiring children to wear a helmet if they are riding their bikes to school. If they cannot afford a helmet, one will be provided for them by Safe Kids Upstate.