Family Support

  • Palliative Care Camp Scholarships

    Your gift allows children to experience camp, group living, and outdoor activities at no cost. It also allows children to interact with others who have similar problems and illnesses. This is a great place for children to learn to cope with their disease and build self-esteem. Socialization, games, archery, tennis, swimming, fishing, etc., are all activities included in the camp experience.

    Whether you are able to give $25 (1 share) to support a scholarship or $550 (11 shares) for a whole scholarship, your gift will provide an invaluable experience for a child.
  • Parent Support Group

    This provides support for parents who have children with chronic illness, trauma, unexpected hospitalization, etc. Refreshments and comforting items such as helpful resource guides and staff support are included.
  • Privacy Screen

    Privacy screens support Family Centered Care and Developmental Care for critically ill infants. They provide privacy for visiting parents, kangaroo care, breast feeding and more in large, open ICU settings. Two or more screens can be used to create a temporary “room” where needed. They are sized to fit around a chair for a parent holding a baby or radiant warmer/incubator (specific types of ICU infant bed). They were designed by NICU nurses to take the punishment given furniture in a hospital environment and continue to look good for years. You can show your support by buying a share for $100.
  • Rattles for Pediatric Cardiology

    Rattles are used in Pediatric Cardiology during cardiac exams to soothe and distract young children.
  • Restaurant Gift Cards

    Gift cards to restaurants are used to promote socialization and normalcy with children and families.
  • Retailer Gift Cards

    These provide incentives for patients to "shop" themselves for items they desire. Cards are used for long-term patients, birthday gifts, etc.
  • Retailer Gift Cards

    These provide incentives for BI-LO Charities Children's Cancer Center patients to "shop" themselves for items they desire. Cards are used for long-term patients, birthday gifts, etc.
  • Scrapbook Kits

    Scrapbook kits are given to parents with a child in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit to begin making memories with their child.
  • Scrapbooking Supplies

    Nurses and parents in the Bryan NICU use scrapbooking supplies to create lasting memories of each baby’s milestones. Your gift helps make that wonderful keepsake possible!
  • Sheet sets

    These character sheet sets help create a less stressful environment for kids during medical examinations. Your gift here will purchase sheet sets for patients in the Child Abuse Center.
  • Sibling Scrapbook

    Learning how to be a big brother or sister is a huge task. That task gets even bigger when your sibling is in the Bryan NICU. These scrapbooks will help new brothers and sisters learn about their new baby and how they can help care for him/her. It also gives older siblings and opportunity to express all of the different emotions they may be feeling as a new brother or sister. Your gift, whether 1 share at $20 or 11 shares at $220, will help buy a box of 50 books.
  • Sippy cups

    These cups are developmentally helpful for growing children and helps them feel at home while receiving treatment in Pediatric Radiology.