Family Support

  • Furniture

    Child-sized furniture helps Pediatric Radiology patients feel more comfortable and like they belong in a place as big and unfamiliar as a hospital.
  • Gas Cards for Pediatric HIV Clinic

    Often families dealing with HIV often have limited resources. Gas cards are given to these families to make it easier for them to bring their child to appointments for necessary healthcare.
    Your gift here will provide a valuable resource for Pediatric HIV patients.
  • Gas Gift Cards for Pediatric Pulmonology

    Your gift here will provide a valuable resource for Pediatric Pulmonology patients and families: a gift card that offers them practical support in getting to and from their appointments.
  • Gerber 3-pack Bodysuits

    Bodysuits are essential to keep our smaller patients warm. These additional bodysuits in various sizes also provide relief to families who may not have extra clothing for their babies.
  • Gerber Newborn 2-pack Gowns

    Open-bottomed gowns are nice for babies who are wearing multiple monitors with multiple cords. These extra gowns also provide relief to parents who may not have extra gowns for their babies.
  • Gift cards

    Children with HIV require frequent blood draws, doctor’s visits, and daily medication that has significant side effects. As part of a multi-disciplinary adherence program, the children sign contracts agreeing to take medication, come to appointments, and do their best in school. Gift cards are the incentive that the children and teens work towards. They have been a vital part of keeping kids with HIV healthy.
  • Gift Cards for Pediatric Gastroenterology

    Gift cards will be used to purchase games and activities for the electronics in their infusion center.
  • Gift Cards for Pediatric Neurology

    Gift cards can be given to the patients (or parents of younger children) in Pediatric Neurology who have had a LP (lumbar puncture) performed, to get an extra special prize after the procedure.
  • Glider and Ottoman

    This glider and ottoman provides a place for parents and therapists to rock and sooth infants during feedings.
  • Glider Rocking Chair

    These gliding rocking chairs allow PICU nurses and volunteers to comfort sick patients within the comfort of their room by sitting and rocking with them. It often calms small children to be rocked when they arent feeling well. These newly designed rockers feature a cushion cover that is able to be wiped clean with hospital grade cleaner, making them safe for our critically ill children in the PICU.
  • Guide to Raising a Child with Diabetes

    Your gift here provides an excellent resource for parents of pediatric diabetes patients: the American Diabetes Association's Guide to Raising a Child with Diabetes.
  • HALO SleepSack

    The HALO® SleepSack® wearable blanket replaces loose blankets in the crib that can cover a baby's face and interfere with breathing. Your purchase here helps babies sleep safe and sound through support from Safe Kids Upstate, ensuring that moms and dads throughout the Upstate can rest easy, too.